Who are we?



Wiltshire People 1st is a disabled people’s user led Self Advocacy (speaking up for yourself) organisation, with a Management Committee made up of people with learning difficulties.


We work to make sure people with learning difficulties in Wiltshire have a voice and are treated fairly and included.


Speaking up

We have a speaking up group every month and we support people to speak up for themselves about important things in their lives and to be listened to.




Who can become a member of Wiltshire People 1st?Leaflet

Anyone with a learning difficulty working or living in Wiltshire can become a member:

  • It is free
  • We can help you to get to meetings
  • We will send you a newsletter and information about things that are happening


Click here to see who works for Wiltshire People 1st


Understanding Disability

Wiltshire People 1st believes in the social model of disability, which says that barriers to disabled people’s participation are caused by the way society is organised.


There are three main barriers to participation:

The environment

- all manners of accessibility, such as of buildings, equipment, information and services.








People’s attitudes

- the effects of discrimination, prejudice or stereotyping.









- the policies and practices that impact negatively on people, do not have disabled people in mind and are inflexible.

Work Policy







The alternative is the medical model of disability, which focuses on the person’s impairment or difference as the barrier. This is an outdated interpretation and does not have the support of disabled people. It puts the responsibility for change on the individual and ignores the role society has to play in removing barriers and being more inclusive.